Fray Paper, Nepal
Our fray paper interlayers are harvested from the Lokta tree in Nepal.
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Abaca, Indonesia
Harvested from abaca and kenaf plants in Java Indonesia.



Leaves, China
Chinese farmers gather "prayer leaves," which are washed and processed in a delicate manner, to create these interlayers.



Organic Cotton, NDEM
Locally grown and hand-sewn organic cottons from NDEM, Senegal.
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Bear Grass, South Africa
Our bear grass interlayer is harvested and dried by artisans in South Africa.




Raffia, Nepal
Raffia Interlayers are harvested, dried, and colored by artisans in Nepal.
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Woven Wool, Mexico
Our woven wool interlayers come from the Chiapas highlands in southern Mexico.




Strand, Nepal
Strand is a fine gauge thread interlayer that forms linear patterns with subtle variation.




Ithemba, South Africa
Ithemba interlayers include hand crocheted copper wiring and traditional African beads from South Africa.
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Silks, Nepal
Our Silk Interlayers come from Nepal, where we take scraps from larger, handspun pieces, and repurpose them.



Sisal Fiber, Columbia
Our Sisal Interlayers come from the indigenous people of Chia, the Muisce tribe, in Colombia.




Mohair, Northern Swaziland
Delicate mohair interlayers are skillfully woven to form intricate patterns by local artisans.
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Bamboo Rings, Nepal
Working with bamboo for decades, the villagers have honed their skills to work with this abundant raw material supply.




Banana Fabric, Nepal
Artisans in Nepal create a natural fiber yarn though a process of gathering, drying and softening stalks, then spinning the material by hand.



Cotton Weave, Mexico
"Vibrante" cotton fabric interlayers capture the vibrant colors form the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.
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